What others are saying about our coaching;

“It is great to meet people that practice what they preach. Do the Do.”
–Greatfully, Floyd and Edie Schmidt

“You both are inspirations, AWESOME coaches and people and I feel so privileged to have come across. THANKS from the bottom of my heart, you both being there for me has changed my life in the last five months!!!!”
–God Bless, Tiffany Gering, WI

“Bill, I so appreciate you and Julie and the wonderful year that I have had with you. You are so much a part of my life and the life that I am building. Thanks for being dedicated to the work of building. Thanks for all the spurs in the seat.”
–Charlotte Smith, TX

“You guys and our system has taught me to discipline myself and that has made me a better leader and person. THANK YOU, See you at the top!!”
–Pamela Antkowiak, OH

“Bill & Julie, It’s a pleasure to be associated with people and a company that understands the significance and importance of tithing and is interested in helping others succeed.”
–Don Anderson, TX

“Bill & Julie, Your vision is so perfect, I do not possess the words to describe it’s greatness and passion. Thank you for being the leader you are. YOU deserve to have it all!”
–Nancy Estes, OH

“Thank you for your sharing your knowledge and saying it in such an incredible way that came across so loud and clear and full of belief. I appreciate you giving tonight’s gift to my team”.
–Brenda Eicemann, LA

“Tonite I learned about myself and how I am capable of getting it done when I first believe it, work hard to build it and then finally live it!! So thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
–Tammy Hogan

“Bill & Julie, Thanks so much for your encouraging words. You have inspired me to look beyond my fears, and move forward. I know I can not miss with an awesome team like this one.”
–Brenda Osborn, KS

“You and Bill are amazing leaders. I’m grateful for your friendship and your leadership.”
–Scott Schwerdt, UT

“Bless you and Julie for your investment in us, Carole and I, in Provo this past weekend. We felt our investment was totally wise and we came away more assured than ever that we are at the right place, and with the right people. Carole, her skeptical majesty, came away saying that God’s hand is leading us. I agree.”
–Larry and Carole Boshell, UT