Dr. Bill Toth is an Author, Father, Speaker. Since 1988, thousands of people have enjoyed the warmth, wit and dynamic presentation style of Bill’s business, wellness and personal development seminars. He has an unrivaled ability to distill complex concepts into simple powerful strategies which can be immediately applied for measurable results.

Most Requested Topics

Couples in Business (Bill & Julie present together)
Successful couples in business develop a “Family Plan” that their business plan fits into. Whether your spouse is supportive or unsupportive of your business, whether they work it with you or NOT a “Family Plan” MUST come first! Learn specific strategies for having a life while you conduct a business.

Getting “Right” with money – From Denial to Prosperity
Money is a taboo subject – in our culture it is often easier to discuss your sexual habits. Whether you’re in lace or disgrace you can still have hidden issues surrounding money. And when debt piles up, begging for advances, raises or borrowing from friends and family become commonplace – money problems can destroy relationships, careers, families and health. Learn what money is and how to attract more of it. Learn why and how you must release the old to make room for the new. Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be.

Create Your Fate – Making the Unimaginable – Imaginable
Bill’s very popular presentation, Create Your Fate, serves exceptionally well as a powerful keynote address or after-dinner presentation.
Bill uses personal examples to illustrate that despite our circumstances, shortcomings, family history or environment, – our greatest hopes, desires and dreams are both imaginable and tangible. His precept is: Live With Intention. Your audience will begin to discover what they really want from life and what will drive them to achieve it. They will leave with the knowledge, resources and certainty that can allow them to break through their own limitations and release the magnificent power that lies within. Create Your Fate Inspires, Engages and Entertains.

Turning Nothing into Something – Rebuilding your life after layoff.
As companies fight for survival, real people are losing their jobs, their passion and their dreams. They are left with feelings of insecurity, mistrust, betrayal, and suspicion while the survivors are left with often overwhelming changes in their new work environment. Bill shares the keys necessary to restoring and developing a sense of unconquerable confidence and limitless creativity despite the darkness of one’s present or past circumstances. Bill uses stories and humor to engage the audience in the process of listening to their language, and asking new questions, which dramatically illustrate their “Response-Ability” thus allowing them to be a partner in change rather than a victim or an enemy.

Patterns of Boldness – Modeling personal and professional power
Success leaves clues. Having worked with corporations, athletes, business executives and people from virtually all walks of life Bill has had the privilege of learning what he calls the Patterns of Boldness – simple proven strategies for creating measurable results – consistently! During this high energy, moving presentation your audience will discover their unique competitive advantage and learn the skills necessary to master win-win persuasion techniques, thus influencing themselves and others with integrity.


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