About Us

Bill & Julie Toth are both “Type A”, hard driving Texans – but to meet, they had to travel all the way to Utah. It was there, on a trip sponsored by their company, at a beautiful resort high in the mountains, that they found their first opportunity to get to know each other and share their stories. And it was there that they began to discover that when commitment and purpose come together, there is abundance.

Later, as husband and wife, Bill & Julie quickly realized that Power is organized effort. They set out to create a┬ástrong, vibrant organization that they could manage from the comfort and safety of their own home. Their success building a team together didn’t come by accident. They planned and executed each step with care and precision. Within a year they were at the very top of their company and today ┬átheir magnificent obsession is on helping each member of their team find the same success. They base that success on three keys that guide all of their efforts.

The first key is Commitment – commitment to each other, commitment to their business, and commitment to their dreams. Bill and Julie have come to know that they can commit to ALL of their dreams, and that the world’s natural abundance will make them all possible. As Bill puts it: “When commitment and purpose come together, there is abundance”.

The second key is Coachability. We’re still learning everyday. We connect with our mentors at least once per week and we do the same with our key leaders. Being coached and then coaching others gives you a greater respect for an individual’s strengths, weaknesses and how to use them for the benefit of the Team. By making regular connections with our Team members we build love, trust and respect in our organization.

The third key is to create a “Family Plan” first! By design, their business plan fits into their “Family Plan”. As Julie explains, “This business can fit into your Life – rather than making life the reason you can’t do this business – make your life the reason you can and will do this business.” They have three gorgeous children, Casey (16) and Luke (11), Lindsey (2) that have been an integral part of their journey. It is very common for prospects to hear our recreational events with children in the background.

We’ve also set in place a culture of accountability whereby mutual expectations are clear and then use a simple system to gather reports and measure progress daily. Whenever a team member’s actions don’t match their goals, Bill and Julie know that one of two things must happen – either the goal has to go down, or the action has to go up. Knowing when such adjustments are needed, and then carefully working with their team members to make them, has added enormously to the success of their Team.

Therefore, Bill and Julie take massive consistent action to accomplish what is necessary every single day. They have a commitment to make a certain number of calls and a certain number of coaching sessions every day. They continue to connect with their team and customers while biking, hiking, grocery shopping and attending to the other events of family life. No matter what was going on in their lives, they’ve fulfilled those commitments. And through this process, they learned that even though their success was planned and scheduled, their greatest power comes from being two passionate souls on a mission.

“Most people start their business part-time,” says Bill. “They still have their regular jobs, and of course there are family things that happen – like Grandpa needing care, or having to move, or having to travel to visit family members. That “stuff” happens every day for everybody. And we all have the same twenty-four hours a day. The question is, why do some people make ten million in a year, and some make only ten thousand? The answer is; “It’s how they respond to the stuff that happens.”

“You’ve got to be consistent in where you’re focused and where you’re going,” adds Julie. “You must never let that other “stuff” get in your way.”

Even though they have achieved the very top level of their company – and started two others, Bill and Julie haven’t changed their fundamental business activities. Time frames have changed, dynamics have evolved, but their drive is still the same – to lead by example and help others get to where they want to be. “Once you start to focus on others and what they need and desire,” says Bill, “that’s when you get what you want and desire.” So they coach people – especially couples – through example – through lots of showing and doing. They start new Team members with the fundamentals – their three keys to success – and then they assist them to reach their goals.

“From our position,” Bill continues, “our sole focus is in getting the rest of our team to whatever position they desire to attain. We have people on board with us who we love, trust, and respect, and it is our mission to assist them will the tools necessary for them to become Social Entrepreneurs and Leaders.

Part of their commitment as leaders is to make a huge difference with their favorite philanthropic organization, Nourish the Children, and to lead their team in doing good for many around them who are less fortunate. In this spirit, Bill, Julie and their Minister have pioneered a “wellness ministry” at their church and in other churches in the greater Houston area. They host classes on different aspects of health – incorporating physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and financial health into a program called Faith, Family Focus. At each church they create a team that will implement the ministry, pulling in health practitioners and other experts.

We started the wellness ministry to reach out and make a difference in people’s lives. We know that as they grow, their tithes and offerings will grow, and the difference that they can make in their church and community will grow. They attribute the burgeoning success of their wellness ministry to the closeness of the church communities, where referrals develop naturally and people can naturally hold each other accountable for their efforts. Plus, says Bill, “when the Light shines through you, people naturally want to know who you are and what you do.” (big grin)

Bill and Julie work hard to attract people with the right qualities to their team. Their vision states: “We’re attracting a Global organization of Extraordinary individuals dedicated to Loving, Learning and Connecting with Grace and Abundance”. One of their goals is for their Team to make a difference in the public’s experience with the direct selling industry. “By our example we show people that they’re in the number one industry, with the number one company, and with the number one Team. And with their Team’s heart, passion, and integrity shining through, that claim is hard to argue with.

These two Texans – who first met high in the Utah mountains, and who united two great stories of success – have come to know that the world is naturally abundant. None of their dreams, as they have found, will have to be sacrificed for other dreams. And each of those dreams is really already theirs – just waiting for them to arrive.

“We’re still going,” say Bill and Julie “We still have a mission and a plan and besides – “The Journey is the Reward”.