Our Vision

“We’re Attracting a Global Team of Extraordinary Individuals, Dedicated to Loving, Learning and┬áConnecting, with Grace and Abundance While Serving Ever Increasing Numbers of People”

Here’s our focus and how we can help you if you’re open and ready. If you’re single then read this as though you’re dealing with your significant other or extended family.

Most small businesses are started on a part time basis, by one spouse, with or without the support of the other. And because income and expenditure decisions will naturally affect the entire household, you then have a “Family in Business” even though only one partner may be “active” in the business.

This is where the journey begins and where we come in.

By design, our business plan fits into an even greater “Family Plan”. Anybody can live life this way, if they first Decide to make it so. There is a systematic process to putting “family first” and actually walking the talk.

First, we’ll assist you to become aware of your core values, and then when you act from them, all future decisions are easier, quicker and serve you, your family and others. From there we guide folks as they Design a Life based upon their core values and timeless principles. Then as Julie explains, “Your business can fit into your Life – rather than making life the reason you can’t do your business” make your life the reason you can and will do your business.”

“Most people start their business part-time,” says Bill. “They still have their regular jobs, and of course there are family things that happen – like Grandpa needing care, or having to move, or having to travel to visit family members. That “stuff” happens every day for everybody. And we all have the same twenty-four hours a day. The question is, why do some people make ten million in a year, and some make only ten thousand? And how is that you’ll find people both happy and miserable at either end of the income spectrum? The answer is; “It’s how they respond to the stuff that happens.” We all have a “Response-Ability” and in addition to knowing what your core values are, there are multiple ways to increase, enhance and strengthen your “Response-Ability” that will serve you and others in making your world a place where you want to live.

Second, we teach you how to inspire and engage yourself and or your partner to consistently perform at peak levels – mentally, emotionally, and physically. All the good intentions in the world are worthless if they’re not followed by consistent, incremental actions. “You’ve got to be consistent in both your focus and actions,” adds Julie. “You must never let that other “stuff” get in your way”.

Finally, by now you’ve seen in life that the greatest of the great all have coaches; Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Andre Agassi, Warren Buffett, John Templeton and more. The hardest part of the journey of success is to admit that what you’re doing isn’t working or that you might now have all the answers. From there doors begin to open for you, new possibilities become yours through the eyes and expertise of other like us.

So when would be the best time to start?

Live With Intention
Bill & Julie